Layer all the things {WIWW}

Layering for fall |

Sometimes when you live in a schizophrenic weather zone like Colorado, layering is your best friend. One day it's sunny and 72 and the next it's 25 and snowing. Heck, you can wake up to sunny skies and non-jacket weather and be driving in snowfall just hours later. And that's precisely what happened to me this weekend. The sun was out in the morning and so I chose a 3/4 sleeve dress with leggings and boots. I grabbed a denim jacket for good measure. This got me through the morning just fine, but as the afternoon wore on it began to snow - so I threw on a scarf and zipped up that jacket. Brrr. You can get through just about any weather disaster if you layer and prepare. A pair of gloves … [Read More...]