Saturday morning breakfast recipes

I love lazy Saturday mornings and big yummy breakfasts.

Most Saturdays I actually attend a mom’s group at 9 a.m., but on occasion, I stay home and relax with my family. Even when I do go to group, I tend to have time to cook breakfast and eat before rushing off since my kids are early risers (Woot! Woot! For the 5-6 a.m.-ers!…sigh.)

Lately I’ve been pinning so many yummy-looking breakfast recipes, and I am getting the itch to try them out (and will promptly review them on, naturally). I love starting the day with a warm, filling meal and these ones fit the bill.

Here are some of my favorite finds that I can’t wait to try. Have you tried any?

Martha Stewart’s bacon pancakes

breakfast recipes: bacon pancakes |

{ source: Martha Stewart }

Healthy french toast with maple apple compote

breakfast recipes: apple french toast |

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Bacon-wrapped egg cups

breakfast recipes: bacon-wrapped egg cups |

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The Pioneer Woman’s baked french toast

breakfast recipes: Pioneer Woman's baked french toast |

{ source: The Pioneer Woman }

Breakfast casserole with potatoes, ham, eggs and cheese

breakfast recipes: potato, egg, ham casserole |

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Paula Deen’s breakfast pizza

breakfast recipes: Paula Deen's breakfast pizza |

{ source: Paula Deen }