What I Wore Wednesday: 28 weeks

I’ve reached the 7 month mark, and compared to my last pregnancy, I feel HUGE. Either this kid is going be ginormous, or it really is all left up to the fact that you show earlier and possibly bigger than your first pregnancy [sidenote: Did you know “ginormous” is in the dictionary? I actually had to look up how to spell it, even though I was sure it wasn’t a real word. Turns out, it is.].

I’m pretty uncomfortable these days to be honest… if I slouch, the baby is all up in my ribs, and if I sit up straight, the bottom of my belly (where he also, coincidentally, takes up space) pushes up against my legs – and forget about crossing my legs! I can’t believe I have 2 more months and another potential 10-15 pounds to gain. Yikes.

Anywho, the weather here in SoCal has been super weird. It literally went from 80 degrees one day to 61 the next. Where else in the country is it normal to have a 20 degree shift in one day? This place be crazy.

These pictures were taken on one of our 80 degree days. I am cutting off the part of the photo that includes my legs, because they are BEYOND white. Normally I embrace my whiteness, because I stay out of the sun and don’t attempt to tan, so generally I’m not ashamed… but when I looked at the photos, it just looked wrong.

what i wore wednesday, maternity outfits, pregnancy fashion

Shorts: H&M (a couple seasons old)
I think these are the only shorts I have that I can wear at the moment because they have a drawstring waist; I was awfully thankful to find them on this hot day.

Top: Liz Lange for Target 
This was a hand-me-down from my girl Michelle – go tell her congrats on her newborn baby boy! >> Just Watching My Garden Grow

what i wore wednesday, maternity outfits, pregnancy fashion

Belt: Forever 21, Black braided patent leather
I attempted a new knot following one of the tutorials from this post. I loved it! This belt is super long on me, so it was perfect. I almost always wear a belt if my top is not tight fitting, or else I feel like I’m wearing a shapeless tent and just look bigger.

canvas flats, mossimo canvas floral flats, mom fashion

Shoes (not pictured): Target Mossimo floral canvas flat
I just bought these floral slip-ons and love them! They are perfect for slipping on in a hurry and wearing as the weather warms up. And at $16.99, they’re well worth the money.


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