DIY envelope photo liner & infographic Christmas card

This year’s Christmas card is going to be a bit different. My husband hates taking family photos. Hates it. So we don’t do it very often, and this year I decided not to do the typical family photo Christmas card just for him.

So I jumped on the infographic band wagon and created a custom card for our friends and family that shares some of our biggest moments and favorite memories from 2012 – and no family photo. Here’s a sample from my Etsy shop (some names & details changed for anonymity’s sake):

Christmas printable infographic card |

You can order your own custom infographic Christmas card in my { Etsy shop }

Even though we weren’t including a photo on our card, I wanted to take some pictures together for memories sake (because otherwise, it never happens). So I had my sister snap some while we were visiting her this last week in Washington.

While some were total duds (see below), others were pretty cute. So when I was looking back through my Pinterest boards and came across this DIY photo envelope liner, I thought – hey, I should do that for my Christmas cards!

DIY envelope photo liner |

So even though I didn’t do a photo card for Christmas, I did manage to make more work for myself by deciding to custom line each of my envelopes. Yes, even I find myself to be ridiculous at times. But seriously, how cute are these photo envelope liners? Maybe only the immediate family will get the photo lined ones… depends on how many I feel like making.

And just because I found this humorous… here’s what happens when you try and get a good photo of your family by suggesting you all jump (in an attempt to make your toddler happy). Husband = not so happy (and makes the “this is lame” face).

Ok, fine, we won’t jump. Daughter = not so happy. Oh, and it’s now pouring rain.  Husband = not so happy (again).


At least Lincoln and I are pretty cute.