My blogiversary week!: Top 5 posts

Guess what? This week is my official one-year blogiversary week! This Wednesday the 11th is exactly one year from my first post here on The Mombot, and I can hardly believe it!

I’ve had the privilege of gaining tons of new readers and followers, both here on the the blog and over on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I am honored that people tune in to see what I have to say and share (especially since I happen to find myself to be rather boring). I get so much joy out of writing and sharing tips, tutorials, and fashion advice; thank you for being a part of my first year!

I have lots of fun posts and perhaps even a giveaway (*wink*) coming this week, so please join me all week for a celebration.

Today, I thought I would share with you what the most popular 5 posts from this past year have been. These posts have been shared on Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and other blogs and gotten lots of visits. Have you checked them out yet?

#1 Gender Reveal Craft

gender reveal ideas, baby gender reveal ideas, finding out gender

My girlfriend Michelle from Just Watching My Garden Grow stopped by to share her gender reveal craft, and people went crazy for her creative idea! See Post

#2 Hanging Pictures Without Frames

hanging photos without frames, ways to hang art, embroidery hoop art

In this post, I drew attention to the fact that frames are expensive and don’t always fit into my budget when I want to create a huge gallery wall. So, I gathered some ideas from around the web on how you can hang picutres and photos without having to purchase frames. See Post

#3 DIY Gifts for Mom

diy gifts for mom, diy gifts, diy gift ideas, mother's day gift ideas

Originally done during Christmas 2011, this post has been popular once again with Mother’s Day on the way. If you’re out of ideas and need something frugal to make for mom, try these ideas! See Post (P.S. I did a follow-up post to this recently with more DIY Gifts for Mom ideas)

#4 Free Printable Father’s Day Cards

free printable father's day cards, printable father's day, father's day cards

With Father’s Day coming in a couple of months, I guess it’s appropriate that I highlight this post again anyway! Last year, I came up with 2 free printable Father’s Day cards and tons of people downloaded them for their dads/hubbies. See Post


#5 Felt Food Patterns

felt food patterns, felt food tutorials, felt food free tutorials

If you’ve got a little girl, you know how much they love to “cook” and play in the kitchen. My daughter has a little kitchen of her own, and I gathered some tutorial and pattern ideas for felt food in this post. See Post