“Happiness” wooden block art DIY

I am working on finishing up my little craft corner in my bedroom (which you will get to see soon, I promise), and this past weekend I made some art for it that I thought I’d share.

I ran across this awesome free printable poster that read “Happiness is a Warm Glue Gun” from ManMadeDIY.com on Pinterest. My husband informed me that this is a play off a Beatles song, “Happiness is a Warm Gun,” to which I was not privy… I just happen to like glue guns; but suddenly I felt like it was a whole lot cooler.

happiness free printable poster, manmadediy.com

Instead of just hanging the poster in my craft space, I wanted to rough it up a bit by mod podging it onto some blocks of wood and distressing it.

industrial art DIY, DIY art, crafting art DIY
(see that yummy yellow pegboard? I can’t wait to show you all my crafty organization when I reveal my sewing corner!)

Here’s how I DIYed this sucker:

1. I resized the printable to 7” x 12” in Photoshop. I had some leftover 1×4 boards (which actually measure .75” x 3.5”) from my daughter’s pallet bed project, so I cut 3 of them to 7” x 3.5”.

2. Then, I cut my artwork into 3 pieces in Photoshop (one piece for each board), leaving a margin of 3/4” on top and bottom to wrap around the board. I printed these out on high quality paper and cut them out.

3. I pre-sanded my boards with an electric sander so that the corners were a little bit rounded and the edges weren’t perfect; I was going for an “industrial” look.

4. Then I folded my 3 pieces of artwork at the margins and made sure each piece of art lined up on the fold with the next piece. Next, I covered my pieces of wood with mod podge and stuck my artwork on top, smoothing it down and making sure it molded to the imperfections in the wood.  I let this dry for a good hour.

industrial art DIY, DIY art, crafting art DIY
industrial art DIY, DIY art, crafting art DIY

5. Once it was dry, I used sandpaper to sand off the artwork at the edges for that industrial-looking effect.

industrial art DIY, DIY art, crafting art DIY

6. Finally, I covered each piece of artwork and wood with a layer of mod podge.

industrial art DIY, DIY art, crafting art DIY

7. After letting it dry overnight, I lined up my 3 boards and nailed them directly into the wall above my craft space (using a level to make sure they were straight). And that was it!

industrial art DIY, DIY art, crafting art DIY

Pretty fancy, right?

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