New printable robot stationery

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Purchase for $6.00 in my Etsy shop: Nuts & Bolts

I’m a big fan of sending notes and cards in the mail. As common as email is these days, I feel like some things are just more appropriate with a tangible stamp and envelope!

Since I enjoy sending “thank you” notes and “just because” notes, I often like to make my own stationery. I’ve crafted some up in the past, and now I am selling some new printable robot-themed “Hello” cards in my Etsy shop because I love my little robot lady, and let’s face it, I haven’t always got the time to sit down and sew, cut, or paste together a new card.

Instead of dealing with those last-minute “Crap, I need a card!” moments, I plan on printing some of these up and having them on hand for whenever I need to send a little note to someone special. There’s nothing worse than needing to send a card and having to resort to a post-it because you’re out of stock… yeah, I’ve done it.

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