Friday Link Love

Techee Too MacBook cover

laptop sleeve

I love this MacBook sleeve! They also make some really cute eReader covers. ($44,

Sewing Machine Tutorial (via

sewing machine tutorial

Here’s a good refresher on the parts of the sewing machine in case you’re a newbie. There are also some links to other sewing tips and tutorials.

Photo Idea: Family Shoelaces (via, family photo

I found this on Pinterest and headed over to where it was originally posted. I kind of became of obsessed with the site once I got there and spent way too much time reading through it and looking at pretty pictures…

Ponytail Inspiration (via

ponytail, hair how to

I love playing with my hair. Unfortunately it’s not long enough to do this ponytail because it’s awesome. I would have no idea how to recreate it anyway… but it’s pretty to look at!

DIY: Spraypaint Items from Thrift Store (via Craftzine)

thrift store redo, repurposing, diy

So genius! Ok, so the baby is a little creepy (follow the link to see what I mean), but I love the owl and the camera!

DIY: Handprint Art (via

handprint art, diy, becky higgins

Definitely going to do this with my kids for hallway art. One handprint a year. I better get started… Mia’s already half way through her first year.

I found several of these ideas on Pinterest. Have you requested an invite yet? It’s basically a way to catalogue all the fun things you find online. I spend hours upon hours looking at other people’s pins and adding them to my boards… You can check me out Pinterest to see what’s hip and happening.